Philosophy Makes me Think about Spring

Now the new Philosophy products make me think of the beautiful spring , they look so juicy, bright and vibrant and can imagine how they smell. Probably very tasty and simply divine.

Just look at the names: Juicy Pomegranate, Blushing Pink Grapefruit,Tantalizing Tangerine, Luscious Lime,French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Chewy Chocolate Lollipop, Bubble Gum Lollipop, Sugar Chick, Orange Jelly Bean and I could go on…

I’d probably get a bottle of each but if I had to choose I’d go for these amazing sets:

oh lolli lollipop

bubble gum, chewy chocolate and fresh and fruity shower gels

“go ahead, be a sucker for bubble gum lollipop, chewy chocolate lollipop and fresh and fruity lollipop shampoo, shower gel & bubble baths.”

spring has sprung

sugar chick, chocolate bunny marshmallow and orange jelly bean shower gels

“savor every sugar-coated, chocolate-covered, joyful jelly bean moment in spring has sprung! as you lather with orange jelly bean, sugar chick and chocolate bunny shower gels.”

salt water taffy

lemon, lime and strawberry shampoo, shower gel & bubble baths

“recapture your childhood delight with lemon, lime and strawberry salt water taffy shampoo, shower gel & bubble baths as you cleanse skin and hair.”


They all retail for  $25 at the US website and I hope they will be available here as well.  I think these sets make an amazing gifts and I’d love to get it for myself and for others. Oh, it’s my Birthday this weekend, just in case 😉



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