Photo Of The Weekend. 28th December 2013

This photo could easily win “the worst photo of the year” nomination but it was taken with my phone in a bad light. So there you go…

What are the products on the photo? I actually visited one of my friends to check out her new makeup purchases. Yes,  can you believe it? 😉

Photo Of The Weekend 28th December 2013 Wayne goss Too faced thebalm

Most of my friends could not care less about makeup, so it is nice to talk with someone who likes it in “real life”, too.

So what are my friend’s new products?

  • Wayne Goss brushes, and she adores them from what I could tell. I am actually curious in one of them, too.
  • theBalm Voyage palette, it is really beautiful. The mint shade  really caught my attention. Brush no2.
  • Too Faced A Few Of My Favorite Things . I really loved shade Party Time, I was going to (almost) a party afterwards, so I’ve actually asked if I could use it. And, oh dear, it is gorgeous in!

By the way, I may have picked some makeup products myself, so expect a post about that soon.


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