Photo Of The Weekend. January 19th 2014

This photo was not taken today, so I am cheating a bit, but did not get a chance one take it today, my camera battery is dead right now.

Here is a pair shoes – my red flowery Dr. Martens, they are among my favourites, and they  always get tonnes of compliments, by the way.

Dr. martens red shoes

So why am I posting shoes you may ask? The reason for that is simple, I’ve been walking a lot lately. I try to walk for at least ah hour every day, often it’s to the places that I actually have to (mostly home from work) since I don’t usually have time for “random walks” on a daily basis.

And what are the results? I am feeling better, I am sleeping better, and I am looking better. Plus I really enjoy and cherish my walks, as I get the time to think about everything, listen to music and just analyze my day and make plans for the next one, or for the future. I used to walk (and run, too) a lot, and I am happy to get back to my old habit.

Also, speaking of healthy lifestyle, I want to buy a juicer. Which one would you recommend?

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