Photo of the Weekend. March 1st 2014

This week  I lost my favourite hat which made me very upset… I do have several other ones but they don’t suit me that well, in my opinion. But I already managed to buy a new one, even with 50% discount,  since it’s the end of the season, which is great.

Makeup4all new hat

I thought I’d also share some other updates about films/books/food.


I love classics, and it’s not that often that I really enjoy best-sellers of these days. I am currently reading  Henry Miller. Just finished Tropic of Cancer and started Black Spring.  But I’ve decided to give Divergent  trilogy a go (already have the first book on my Kindle). I also want to read Half Bad by Sally Green which is out this Monday.

And what was the last book that you loved?

sally green half bad and veronica Roth divergent books


This week I finally watched American Hustle  and The Woolf Of Wall Street. I won’t go into that many details, as I think most people already saw them. And if you haven’t, don’t wait to spoil it for you.

Other films on my to watch or re-watch list are: Gia, Hugner Games Catching Fire, 1984,  Sin City,  Ponyo, Gravity and Pompei.

Do you have any recommendations?



Lately I have been experimenting with different dishes quite a lot, and my favourite recipes were cauliflower rice and pasta with zucchini, garlic, Parmesan and chili. I really should have taken a photo of both, but when you are very hungry, the last thing you can think of is  your camera.

I personally love photos of food since they give me a lot of inspiration. And I also love t0 cook when I am stressed and upset, it often helps to relax and forget about some problems.
Makeup4all Pinterest food recipesWhat is your favourite recipe?

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