Photo Of The Weekend. November 10th 2013

This is how my weekend looks like.  I’ve got sick, so not in time (but.. when is it ever a good time?).

I have missed a performance of the band that I really wanted to see (got tickets back in September), missed my friend’s “welcome home” party, a meeting with my girlfriends, and some other things.

makeup4all weekend photo candle tea kneipp bath saltI am not sure if I can drink more ginger/lemon/honey tea.

But, at least I had some time for my current book which is “On The Road” by  Jack Kerouac, and I can finally catch up on Downton Abbey. Did you like season 4? And also for my Pinterest.

Beauty wise, my lovely NEOM Organic Treatment Candle Refresh keeps me company, and I am going to have a bath with the Kneipp  Sinus Relief Eucalyptus bath salt before bed.

November will be insane work wise, so I better get better soon. Plus, I would really love  to give Makeup4all some love, too. I’ve been thinking about the new design for months now.  Where to find time?


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