Photo Of The Weekend. November 23rd 2013

First of all,  please excuse the lack of posts this week, I did not have time to update as often, as I usually do. But I think that next week everything will be back to normal.

But I did not want to miss the Photo Of The Weekend, plus there is something I really wanted to share.

Ok, this is technically not my photo but… When I watch a film/ TV show, I always look at makeup/hair/nails, of course.

And below you can see Cameron Diaz  in The Counselor.

cameron diaz in counselor makeup & hairI don’t want to give away the plot, but such image really suited Malkina,  Cameron’s character. I loved the attention to the details. Her silver  nails, undercut, massive accessories,  and her amazing wicked eye liner and a dot on the lower lash line.

cameron diaz in counselor nails and outfitHere is also a preview of Malkina’s tattoos. By the way, Cameron is in such a great shape, I am speechless, well done!

cameron diaz in counselor tattooTo sum up, I think this was my favourite image for a character I’ve seen in a film in some  time, it really enhanced her personality and was a pleasure to look at.  I am not trying to say that I love such style, but it was very well co-ordinated and put together.   Stylist, MUA, Hair Styist and Manicurist did an excellent job.


4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Weekend. November 23rd 2013”

  1. Ok, seriously, I went to see the film this week, and I’m *still* thinking about her wardrobe/style! Heck, I even think her looks surpassed those of Mr. Fassbender (sad, but true, haha)!
    That last outfit (hooded dress, chain clutch), o-m-g! I was even contemplating a post on Malkina’s outfit to be honest! Apparently, you’re in my head! Hahaha!

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