Photo Of The Weekend. November 30th 2013. Books Edition.

Holidays are almost here, and one of my personal favourite thing is the fact that I have more time (than usual) to sit down and enjoy a  good book.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I tweet #CurrentlyReading from time  to time. Most of the times, I use my Kindle, but sometimes I do read a  real paper book.

Here are books that are currently on my reading list. I actually already have them all waiting for my attention.

makeup4all kindle photo1.  Henry Miller. A very special friend of mine got me a huge edition with three of his novels.  I plan to start reading after I finish my current book which is On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

2. Knut Hamsun. My friends know that I love Scandinavian literature. So this was a present, as well.

3. Julio Cortázar 62: A Model Kit, to start with. Was recommended by a dear friend of mine.

I also have a board on Pinterest  about Books where I have some of my all time favourites and some of those that I’ve recently finished reading.

Books Pinterest Board Makeup4all

4.  Stefan Zweig Amok.

5. John Fowles The Magus.

6. Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose, I have already started reading this but somehow never finished.

7. Jonathan Safran Foer Everything Is Illuminated. One of my favourote films ever. I can’t believe that I haven’t read the book yet.

8. Louisa May Alcott Little Women. Yes, I know. I haven’t read this one yet, shocking but true.

9. José Saramago Blindness.

10. Donna Tartt, The Secret History, as recommended by Ruth from A Model Recommends.

And what is on your list? What would you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Weekend. November 30th 2013. Books Edition.”

  1. Ok, so we have even more things in common aparrently…Blindness (Saramagu in general) and The Name of the Rose are among my favorites!!!
    I need to take a closer look at your board, but allow me to suggest Brave New World by Huxley (a book I ve read fairly recently and really enjoyed, plus it’s inspired so many movies, songs etc) and Paula by Allende (I remember weeping at some point, no joke)!

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