Photos Of The Week. Vol 3

I am happy to share the photos from this week 🙂

1.  Scandinavian Skincare

I can’t believe that I did  not give a proper try to the gorgeous skincare products from the organic Swedish brand Estelle and Thild.  Will have to do that soon!

 2. Bath

Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt with Red Poppy and Hemp was a pure bliss! Luckily I have one more 🙂

3. Food

The most delicious cream soup with broccoli and prawns and salad (there is salmon underneath). Was super tasty.

4. Makeup

Makeup I took with me for  ten days. How many brands can you spot?:)

 5. Strawberry

No comments here… mmmm

6 . Sunset

The picture I took from my friend’s flat when I was visiting her some time ago. The view is breathtaking…

7. Cartoons

I saw these cartoon network chocolate eggs and I had to get them (I’ve got two but there is only one toy on the photo)! I plan to get back and buy more until I collect all the Power Puff girls and Dee Dee with Dexter.

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