Photos Of The Week. Vol 4

I think it’s been forever since I did a proper “weekend post”, so here we go.

1. New Top Coat

Now this one is the only  beauty related  thing in this post and I am mentioning it because I have finally decided to try something new besides Seche Vite, I actually wanted to get a Nubar one but got a Fast Drying Top Coat by Inglot instead.

2 My Kindle

I have been obsessed with my Kindle. I did not want to get it for a very long time, as I love “real books”  but I am so happy that I finally got it for my last Birthday (March, last year) and now I am always reading as it is so convenient. Plus I can always have it with me, as it is not heavy at all.

3. Jeans: Black, Oxblood and Red.

I don’t remember the last time I wore blue jeans, to tell the truth. Below you can see three pairs that I wear all the time. In fact, yesterday I went through my clothes and gathered a huge package that I will be giving away.  I think that I need to go shopping for jeans/trousers soon, as I’d love something new finally…

4 Zucchini Pancakes

I have been a bit  loving them this month. Especially served with rocket salad, cucumbers and Camembert. Makes me hungry even writing about them. Should make some tomorrow for supper!

5  Lemon Pie

While we are on the subject of food, I am also a huge fan of this lemon pie that my brother makes, following the recipe of  our friend.  I am not a huge dessert lover, as you may know but this is divine!

5 Turquoise Jewellery

I have been re-organizing my jewellery and saw that I do have a thing for turquoise! Funnily enough, my friend gave me new [turquoise] earrings a week later ( my re-organization), so it looks like she was paying attention to my preferences 😉

 7 TV Shows

Last, but not least…

The new season of my favourite TV shows  is upon us! And I am talking about Game Of Thrones! Need I say more?! I am talking about it on Twitter all the time.

And also don’t forget Mad Men season 6. 

Plus there is also a new show called  Vikings. And being a huge fan of the Vikings, I have to watch it, of course. I did not get a chance to watch it yet but my friends  say it’s good, so I am  excited!

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