Photos Of The Week Vol. 5

It’s time for the weekend post!

Cobalt Blue

I have been loving cobalt blue colour a lot lately, I have even got a dress recently and you can see it below. I have been loving blue nail polishes a lot, as well, especially the Rimmel one.

Emilia Clarke

Can we take a moment and admire how absolutely gorgeous Emila Clarke looks like without any makeup? Her skin is perfect! And of course, she is stunning with some products on.


This week I was at the hair salon and here is the result. This is my natural hair colour (I actually was blonde until 5) but for some reason it looks much warmer on the photo than in real life.  Nothing too dramatic but the length is shorter now.

Faux Leather

I wanted black trousers with faux leather detailing for some time now and I have finally bought a pair last week. What do you think?


As for Vikings TV show, I have mentioned last week, it is pretty amazing! Here is a screen shot from one of my favourite scenes.

I would usually include some food photos, too, but it’s too late for that 😉

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a new week! x

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