Photos Of The Week Vol 7

It’s that time of the week again ūüėČ

1 Glitter

I was working on a photo shoot last weekend and had to make the model’s skin look glam but not over the top. So I’ve mixed some Inglot body glitter with a simple hand cream (my own, in this case L’Occitane) and applied it on her arms and legs. It turned out really nice, so I will be definitely using this trick in the future.

Inglot body Glitter and L'Occitane hand cream

2 Nail Polishes

I am currently visiting my grandmother and here are the nail polishes which I’ve packed for my two weeks visit. Ciate Cookies And Cream, A England Bridal Veil, Illamasqua Alarm, Rimmel Sky High, Essence Break Through.

Nail polishes Illamasqua, Ciate, A England, Rimmel, Essence

¬†3 Scent –¬†Lanvin Avant Garde

Although this scent is described as a a “modern interpretation of masculinity and elegance designed for modern day dandies”, I really love it on myself.

Top notes combine Italian bergamot, Madagascar pepper, pink peppercorn and juniper. The heart notes – lavender, nutmeg, cardamom and beeswax. Base: intensive vetiver blends with benzoin, tobacco and Georgywood molecule.

Lanvin Avant Garde cologne scent of the week

4 Sheet Mask

Would you believe that this is my very first sheet mask? I have no idea why I’ve never tried these before. I had a pretty cheap one so did not notice a huge difference but it was fun. Now I’d like to try SKII.

Sheet face mask

 5 Black

I love black everything, can you tell? I miss my black hair but I’ve decided to stop colouring it several years ago. So on the photo it’s my natural hair colour. The funny thing is that I was blonde until about 6, my father is blonde after all, but then my hair started getting darker.

Black shirt, skirt and nail polish

5 Books

When I was surfing the Web trying to find good recommendations to read, I found that a lot of people were raving about  Alan Bradley books so now I have four Flavia de Luce  novels on my Kindle. So far I read only one but plan to read three others soon.

Alan Bradley Flavia de Luce booksNot sure about the original source of this picture of the International covers

7 Roses

My aunt loves roses and she has a lot in her garden, here are just some of them…

roses different coloured flowers

And how was your week?



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