Photos Of The Weekend. April 6th 2014

Happy weekend, everyone!

I’ve managed to do a lot of things during Saturday and Sunday, and still have some stuff planned for the evening (like going to the cinema) .

The most important one is that I went out running yesterday, which you already know, if you follow me on Twitter, and it was amazing! By the way, I could have a professional career in sports, but after some time I’ve realized that it was not something I was ready to dedicate my whole life to. But I still love running, for me it’s a great way to work out, and relax…

lunch makeup4all spring rolls  and tempura

I have also managed to catch up with some of my favourite people, yesterday I was out for lunch and dinner with different friends, and today I was out for lunch with  my lovely girlfriends. And I was also happy to eat at a  new (for me) place, too.

Beauty products from dead sea

I have very dry skin, so the fact that my BF brought some products from the dead sea spa was a great surprise, I have already tried some of them, and they are really amazing.

As for my personal  shopping, I’ve picked up some new products yesterday: a new silver ring (and if you read my “About” page, you know that I am obsessed), a much needed new black skirt and some products from Lush, including their Olive Brunch shower gel.

silver ring makeup4all

Also, today is the first episode of the 4th Season of Game Of Thrones out, and next Sunday – the last season of Mad Men, I am soooo excited. Those are my two favourite series.

And what about your weekend?

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