Post About My Cat. Sonya the Queen

I promised you the update about Sonya! Here it is! First of all I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the  support!

You can read about Sonya and the situation here

I will skip the details about her operation and a week after it because it is very hard to think about it all again. But now she is doing much better. She just has to wear “clothes” not to lick her tummy. But she will be free very soon and I promise you the photo! This is the latest photo which I took yesterday. She is sleeping on my bed! What a cutie 😉

saninko-2Sonya sleeping on my bed

And this here is  Sonya’s story ! 🙂

Sonya lives with me for almost 14 years already!This cat is like a baby to me so you can imagine how I felt when she got that sick. I realized that I was never at home by myself, she was always with me! When I felt bad she would always come to me meowing and kissing me with her nose 😛 Believe it or not but cats feel emotions and act according to what they feel!

It is believed that pets become very much alike with people who love them and with whom they live. My friends and family tell me that this is 100% true. And that this cat really acts like me very often 🙂

Sonya always meets me (like a dog :D) when I come whom and first of all she checks my bag if I got her something tasty  lol only then she gives me a kiss and lets me hug her.

hi tabs

When Sonya was very sick Karen’s Tabs told her his best wishes and now she is telling him hi back 🙂

She wants everything to be  the way she wants it to be!  She is a queen at home! And if I don’t do what she wants she would do something awful: bite me when I am passing by her or pee in my shoes. Ha-ha! She knows that this will make me furious so she runs away and hides not to get her butt kicked 😀

Most of the time Sonya sleeps with me under the blanket and she likes to be hugged. Often she wakes me up because she is hungry or can’t open the door by herself or she just wants something. I get angry but wake up anyway:)

This cat gets jealous when I pay attention to somebody else. But she is so sweet on the other hand. She always kisses my friends with her nose and is purring when I take her with me to sleep or give her favorite food(she loves fish)!

I could actually talk about her for hours but this is it for the first time. Maybe I will tell you more about her someday!

And what about you? Do you have pets? I would LOVE to hear about them!


Me and Sonya

8 thoughts on “Post About My Cat. Sonya the Queen”

  1. Hi Sonja,

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hopefully you’ll be up and about in no time. We’ll have to party together sometime soon.

    Much love,


  2. Good morning ladies, I am so happy Sonya is doing better. Those pictures of her are adorable. I have a little pomeranian dog named Spumoni, whom I love soooo much. He has such a cute personality and often acts like a little clown. Well you two girls take care

  3. hi, Dana!
    Thank you very much for all your lovely comments about my Sonya!
    And thank you for sharing about your dog with such a cute name!
    you also take care! 🙂

  4. hi, Yulia!
    Thank you very much:)
    I understand you perfectly about all the work! I have time to spend with my cat only in the evening. heh.

    But maybe one day you’ll have one! 🙂 It can be a present from a husband 😉

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