Post-Sun Beauty Products: My Picks

I know that it is already September, which means the end of summer, and I am posting about the after-sun products. But I know that a lot of my readers are still going on holidays… Plus  new season will be upon us in a blink of an eye, it is always like that.

So here are the two products that I’ve been using post-sun on my face and body this summer on my holiday.

After Sun products Clarins After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care For Face and Decollete and La Roche-Posay Hydrating After-Sun Melt-In Gel reviewThis pic was taken in Greece on a small beach which the locals showed us, not far from Olympus.

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Face: Clarins After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care For Face and Decollete

I still have to find a Clarins product which I don’t like…This is not an exception. It feels so soothing and hydration on the face, the texture is light and smooth. It calms and moisturizes the skin, and smells amazing, too. Clarins also promise that it prolongs the tan.

I like the fact that it comes with a pump which makes the application super easy and hygienic.

Buy it from:,  Nordstorm,  Sephora, Boots,  Bergdorf GoodmanSelfridges, Harrods etc.

 Body: La Roche-Posay Hydrating After-Sun Melt-In Gel

This is actually my second tube of this cream, as I like pretty much everything about it. The only thing I miss is the scent, it doesn’t really have any artificial fragrance, which makes sense, as it is La Roche Posay. But I personally love a good scented cream. Well, at least it doesn’t interfere with my perfume.

As for everything else – this cream is gorgeous! It is melt-in, as the name suggests, and you can instantly feel the difference after the application. It is a treat for an after-sun skin! Hydrating, moisturizing and soothing bliss = the reasons why it’s my second tube.

Buy it from: Escentual. com

And what about your favourite products?

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