Preview of The Body Electrics Collection for Spring-Summer 2010 by Illamasqua

I posted  information about this collection a long time ago but here it is one more time:

“The Body Electrics Collection – a range of products suitable for the body inspired by the power of kinetic energy and fluidity of the body in motion. The range has been designed to ignite the skin with intensity and highlight the body’s every twist and turn to perfection. For those of you who have been salivating for details on the follow up to the cult Dystopia collection and the sexy and evocative Sirens collection we are now igniting your fervout by bringing you a collection that includes two innovative body oils that will add sheen, radiance and an oh-so-delectable shimmer to every skin tone.”

I’ve seen so many teasers that can’t wait to see more details! Any day now 😉 But before I find out more here is a little preview for you!

The item that I am very excited about is the Liquid Metal Palette which includes Liquid Metals in Surge (the new one), Solstice (gold)  Enrapture (copper) and Phenomena (silver). You can read my review and look at the swatches of Phenomena here. Although these products do crease they are too beautiful not to have them!

Liquid Metal four colour palette

According to Beautie ( visit the link to see the picture of products) we will also get:

Two dry body oils: Illumine Oils, €35

  1. Volt (Iridescent Violet Shimmer)
  2. Pulse (Bronze Shimmer)

Be sure to read the review of  the lovely BritishBeautyBlogger about the product.

Nail Varnish, €15

  1. Jo’mina, a bright lilac
  2. Force, a deep blue
  3. Prism, an iridescent blue.

Liquid Metal,€ 20

  • Surge

Gleam Cream

  • Flex

Individual Bronzers

The 2nd shade in each duo

  1. Writhe, a deep Mayan bronze
  2. Burnish, a golden bronze.

I can’t wait to see the new  liquid metal in person because it looks very interesting on the promo picture, I don’t even know how to describe the colour. Also it’s a good idea to make individual bronzer, Burnish is a great shade.  I am very curious what lip products and  eye shadows we will be able to get.  And what about you?

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