Preview of Makeup Collection by Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani for Summer 2010

Although we already saw a lot of summer 2010 makeup collections I am sure that we all want to see MORE! Am I right? 😉 So here is the preview of summer 2010 makeup collections by Giogrio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent.

Just take a look at this Bronzemania palette by Armani. It is so gorgeous, perfect for summer.

And what about Yves Saint Laurent. I already made a post about the new eye shadows and eye liners but here is the photo of summer collection + some products

So what do you think? I really like that Armani palette and the coral nail polish and liptick by YSL. What is you favourite summer 2010 makeup collection so far? I think that I like Dior the best.

Both photos are by evachen


  1. The Armani palette contains colors I wear all year long. I’d probably add a brown-black shadow to go with the colors in the palette come fall. Also, I use bronzer as blush year round. I’m tied between Dior and YSL. Love the Dior gold shadow, but I find the YSL color palette more striking. The Dior palettes look nice, but if you’re into makeup like me, you can easily dupe all of it with existing shades. Will have to see in person.


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