Product Placement: Gossip Girl and Chanel Makeup

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and the conversation with the lovely Daniel Sandler on twitter(don’t forget to follow him…yes, that Daniel Sandler, Make Up Artist, and yes, you are right when you are thinking about the Watercolours ).

So today’s topic is makeup in films and shows. The question is… Do you think that every time you see a beauty product in a film or show – the company paid for that. Or was it just a part of the plot that the actress had to use lipstick/mascara/powder/perfumes/whatever and it was just a random choice, not a particular brand.

If it is a product placement (this is how it is called) why do they show the product for a second only and, unless you are  very good at brands, you will never recognize what brand it was. Plus most people couldn’t care less, only us, makeup fans, always want to know what product was shown (or is it just me?!)

The other question. Who cares? I mean would you get something because Carrie uses this beauty product or Blair uses that beauty product?  Maybe I would care and this would influence me when I was  a teenager, although I can’t imagine where from I would have money to buy Chanel makeup, but now… I mean come on? Does it really work?

The other thing is when you see your favourite celebrity using a certain makeup product in real life! Remember how Angelina Jolie was spotted using Chantecaille gloss? Well, I read that it was sold out within hours. Amazing, isn’t it?!

So I am wondering, do you run to the stores or stalk the on-line beauty shops if you see a certain celebrity using a certain product? I can’t say so, but the spokes-models influence me in some time.  I mean I am happy to see someone I like  advertising a brand I like (Monica Bellucci and Dior for e.g.) but this is obviously not the most important reason for me when I consider a purchase.

On the other hand celebs that don’t appeal to me put me off the certain brands although it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

And lastly, as you can see the photos in the post are from Gossip Girl (S04E13) where Blair and Serena are using Chanel lipstick, mascara and Glossimer (my most favourite gloss by the way).

I’ve started watching GG because I was curious about the makeup looks and style and I kind of liked the plot (I never said that), I guess it reminds me of the teen dramas although I didn’t have anything like this in my teenage years. To “justify” myself I can say that I know people who are over 45 and still like this show… Oh, well.

But since I’ve started talking about GG, how do you like season 4? If you are watching, you probably know what I am talking about. I mean really? Blair and…

Ok, I guess it’s time to stop as I can go on and on. So now you tell me!

Do you like to know what beauty products the characters of the film you are watching are using? In what way celebrities influence your purchases? What do you think of season 4 of GG?

15 thoughts on “Product Placement: Gossip Girl and Chanel Makeup”

  1. this post is soooo good! I have lots of opinions about this:)
    About Chanel and GG I don’t think that it is made intentionally since the girls already love Chanel from the beginning of the show there is always like Dior, Paris, Chanel etc. But for some movies and shows I’m kinda sure they put products to make us buy them.
    My thoughts are quite the same as yours.
    If I don’t like a spokes person I don’t like the product either that’s true. But there is Chanel for example. They used lots of people I didn’t like but I like Chanel no matter what:))))
    The first time I bought an Instyle Magazine was because Carrie was reading it and I was curious. Ok But if I hadn’t liked the magazine I wouldn’t have continued buying it.
    While watching Pretty Little Liars I noticed lots of people nail polish colors. I wondered what they were using but I didn’t feel the urge to buy the exact same brand.
    I mean I wouldn’t buy something bceause my favorite person is using it but because I like the product. Of course I’m not a teenager (I love GG btw:))) so I wouldn’t copy my fave stars but if they use something I like why not trying it:) And Chanel Dior are obvious for me but there are lots of brands they use that I don’t know which brand or they are not sold in Europe etc…
    Once again I loved this post:)

  2. Marina – what a fun post!!! I loved reading this. Product placement is an interesting concept – but I don’t really notice it with makeup. I notice it with gadgets, electronics etc – something with a highly visible logo like Apple or the Sony logo or

    For makeup: I don’t watch Gossip Girl and didn’t watch teen-targeted dramas when I was a teen. I did love Sex and the City but was always more focused on the wardrobe rather than any other items.

    When I do see a high-end brand of makeup in a movie, my thought is more like “ooooh! I have that too!” It doesn’t make me run out to look for it. Knowing a celebrity wears x brand of x product doesn’t make me run out and get it either. The only thing I think I have been really fascinated with is from the movie Fifth Element – that Chanel camera instant eye makeup application tool was so awesome. Now THAT I would love to track down, but it doesn’t exist in real life!

    But in movies if they show a glimpse and I’m fast enough to catch it, I do get curious as to what the name of the color is. I clicked over to your Carrie post – so fun. Thank you Marina!!

  3. In GG Chanel makeup is what I would expect them to use anyway (I would find it strange if they whipped out something that wasn’t high-end), but I guess if you easily recognize beauty brands it may have some sway. I would be lying if I said that I am not influenced a little by seeing products in tv/film (not so much by celebrity’s promoting a brand eg L’Oreal). I think seeing products in tv/film has more of a connection as it is placed in context with lifestyle/situation/character that may appeal to you. I do like ‘spotting the product’ too!

  4. Do you like to know what beauty products the characters of the film you are watching are using?
    A well placed product placement raises the image of the brand and defines the character as well. For example, doesn’t it make sense that Serena and Blair use Chanel products (and I am sure Chanel paid a fee to the show, not the celebrities…often this is such a moneymaker scheme that its what keeps some shows on the air)? Or wouldn’t it make sense that on Modern Family, you see a Toyota sienna minivan for the family and a prius for the cool gay couple? What people own is a complete reflection of who they are because we live in such a material world.

    In what way celebrities influence your purchases?
    I think celebrities raise our awareness of products rather than makes us buy it. We all know about Uggs because so many celebrities wore them at one point (you could argue that is a negative lol). My point is that by making us aware of all these products, we become interested in some of them them and buy it.

    What do you think of season 4 of GG?
    lol, I have fallen behind this season. Do you think it is worth catching up on?

  5. I’m afraid I’ve never watched Gossip Girl (no time!) but good question about celebrities or shows influencing purchases! I would be influenced I think if I saw someone putting on something that looked so good on them that I simply had to find out what it was. So far I’ve not had this happen to me but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

  6. i’ve noticed more overtly obvious product placements lately – a.k.a. britney spears ‘hold it against me’ is a perfect example of product placement – i’m sure many people outside the US would not have heard of MUFE until it was zoomed in the MV. in terms of makeup choices, i’m more influenced by the blogger world and bloggers reviews and recommendations. only because – for the most part – they’re not getting paid to recommend it and do it for the love of makeup. however, every now and then i do want that celebrity driven item – dior addict in #578 dior kiss … the one kate moss is wearing please.
    great post x

    1. That lipstick is really beautiful by the way and I know that a lot of people want the lipstick “Kate is wearing”. Agree about MUFE. x

  7. I agree! I cannot believe where the Season 4 plotline is going w/ Blair and…the unnamed other. Yeesh. Honestly, I never see the product long enough to figure out what it is, and even if I did catch a glimpse, it wouldn’t make me want to run out and buy it, unless I already wanted that product…then if I saw one of my favorite celebs using it, it might influence my decision to get it.

  8. I could care less what products celebrities are using and many a time, it’s actually a turn off and would dissuade me from making the purchase. I have no interest in Hollywood and feel absolutely no connection to anything or anybody who lives in that fantasy world. I purchase products that appeal to me, that I read about through my favorite bloggers who I trust and simply what I feel will do the most to enhance my appearance.
    Thanks for this review. It really is very interesting to see all the comments people are making!

  9. When I watch a movie or anything I usually notice the makeup the girls have on, like Helena from Vampire Diaries uses matte brown eyeshadow in crease and fake eyelashes. I recognize products but I’d think about getting it only if the actress and I have the same colour/eye colour etc and if it lookes AH-mazing. Generally I try to recreate their looks with the products I already have 🙂

  10. I remember that scene on GG too and it made me think “ofc they’d use Chanel, they’re upper east side girls, aren’t they”?!
    But would seeing a beauty product worn by a fictional character make me want it? No way, if a celebrity can’t sell a procust to me, then a tv show or film cannot either! It does help make the character more…realistic though!

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