Promo Picture of Les Pop Up De Chanel Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Just want to share with you the promo picture of Chanel’s summer 2010 makeup collection Les Pop Up de Chanel. Although I didn’t like the collection I really like this image. Such a beautiful summer photo. And what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Promo Picture of Les Pop Up De Chanel Makeup Collection for Summer 2010”

  1. One of the Beauty Look Book’s readers made the point that it looked more like a few fun items that would be released during the summer rather than an actual summer collection. Even so, the few items that are being released are bright, cheerful summer colors. Perhaps Chanel thought they had done enough with the Rouge Coco launch and the upcoming launch of their new eyeshadow duos.

  2. Eileen,
    Never had such thought but it makes sense. I also really hated those promo images with multiple products. So not Chanel in my opinion.

    I think the white shades look great on this photo and I guess I’d love to have mine white, too
    Yes it’s a great promo photo for summer 🙂

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