Pupa Baroque Couture Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

Present interprets the past, tinged by baroque inspiration for a feminine, elegant and sophisticated make-up.

Haughty nuances that are intense and matte, silky, Chypre and delicate to define the face. Pastel shades that get more and more intense, reaching the raspberry colour to be used on eyes and lips

Luminys Baked Eyeshadow, €14.5

Four delicate and sophisticated colours with a satin finish. Pastel shades and more intense nuances for captivating eyes.

And of course Pupa’s baked eyeshadow, that can be used either wet or dry, depending on the effect you wish to get, is also a part of this Autumn collection that gets inspiration from fashion shows.

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Diva´s Rouge Matt, matte lipstick €18.5

A new matt formula for Pupa’s lipstick that comes in the colours of this collection: a burst of colours for incredibly captivating lips.

Great writing performance, flawless hold and maximum definition.

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Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish,  € 6,50 in 206 900 901

Precious femininity also for your hands. Colours to match eyeshadow nuances, for a complete and coordinated make-up.

Shimmering Powder,  €24.5

To be sprayed on just like a perfume, it leaves an illuminating veil on body and hair. Light and extra fine, with a very high concentration of pearl, it is perfect to create captivating touches of light. Comes in a lovely retro bottle.

Baroque Blush,matte blush, €23

An ultra light cream-powder that gently blends on face skin, for a naturally coloured carnation and a defined face oval.

The blush recalls the capitonné finish and comes in a special trousse with mirror.

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Baroque Eyeliner, €12.5

Eyes are defined by a precious golden light. The eyeliner pencil grants an immediate colour release, outlining the eyes in a very precise way.

To be used in combination with Luminys eyeshadow for a magical gaze. Close the pencil and it becomes a precious chopstick that you can use to put your hair up in a “baroque style” chignon.

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