Purple and Berry Nail Polishes: Swatches


I already warned you that I’m not  the biggest  nail polish  fan : ) but still I’ve picked up for you some shades that I like.  So here they are:

1.Maybelline – Colorama 07 “Wonder Viloet”

2.Mary Kay- “Berry Bliss”

3. Mary Kay – “Rich Berry”

4. Oriflame – “Black Cherries”

5. Sally Hansen- 20  “Brick Wall”

6. Avon – “Femme”

The price of  nail polishes is $5-8. I don’t remember the price of each one. Mind that you can’t get those Mary Kay polished now. I got them about 4 years ago and of course I don’t use them anymore but I still keep them for my tiny collection of berry and purple nail polishes 😀 And I don’t know about Avon because it was a gift and I don’t use Avon. So can’t tell you for sure if this shade is atill available.

Here are the swatches:


  1. Mary Kay- “Berry Bliss”
  2. Mary Kay – “Rich Berry”
  3. Oriflame – “Black Cherries”
  4. Maybelline – Colorama 07 “Wonder Viloet”
  5. Avon – “Femme”
  6. Sally Hansen- 20  “Brick Wall”

As for myself  I think # 6 is my favourite! Great color! by the way  – I already made a post about my Sally Hansen nail polishes.

Now I think about checking 499 Gondola Chanel nail polish from fall collection 2009.


  1. Ah 😀 loved the number 5 🙂 I heard that there would be two nailpolish of chanel only for nordstrom 🙁 and the pink one look so preety 🙁

  2. hi, Ines:)
    thank you for the link.I’m glad that I don’t like them that much:D But I like the Muscat Glossimer that is for Nordstorm:(
    but anyway, I plan to go and check Chanel Glossimers as soon as I get better!

  3. hi, Sarah!

    # 6 is my favourite, too!And I think it has the best quality.Althought I know that some ladies don’t like SH nail polishes, it works great for me!

    And others are almost the same. I don’t wear the same nail color longer than 3 days. And for 3 days they all work fine!

    Plus you can put the top coat to make the polish stay longer.

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