Rave: Satin Primer by Illamasqua. Review and Photos

I am sure that now you all know that I am a big fan of Illamasqua. But did you know that their Satin Primer(£19) and Under-Eye Concealer(£12.50) were nominated for  Miracle Make-Up Awards?

I have the Satin Primer and today I will review it. I also wanted to get the Under-Eye Concealer but my shade (UC135) is out of stock right now.   And  if a certain product is out of stock this can be for a long time.

But back to Satin Primer (£19)

This is what is written about it:

An artist always prepares their canvas. Use under foundation or on its own for a smooth, even base that is protected from the elements. Containing UVA and UVB filters, Illamasqua Satin Primer lifts and highlights the face, creating a stunning dewy effect to enhance the siren within.

And now my thoughts!

I have a very dry skin and almost every foundation looks horrible on me if I don’t use a moisturizer before. But even this doesn’t give me a guarantee that I will have a flawless makeup. Now everything is different with this Primer. I have it since December and I am very happy with it. Here are only some reasons why:

  • It has SPF 20 so  it protects your skin
  • The skin looks healthy and feels moisturized. It gives the most amazing dewy finish which looks super sexy!
  • It is easy to apply foundation and concealer.
  • I don’t have a feeling of a mask on my face or that I have many layers on ( because sometime you can if you use primer-foundation-concealer-powder)
  • You can use it on its own without a foundation (just with  concealer where you need) and you will get a perfect fresh skin for Spring!
  • Now this is my must have! It’s the kind of product that you can’t live without once you try it 😉

I really wanted to make a photo of the effect that Primer gives to my skin but  the camera just could not show it the prorep way.

I would highly recommend this Primer if you have dry or normal skin! I don’t think that it would look nice on oily skin (maybe I am wrong), I guess you should try Matt Primer in this case.

And do you think that primer is something essential? Which one do you like? I hope you find this review useful and now want to try this product 🙂

PS. I was super excited to see my enty for the Hottest Nail Competition on the Illamasqua Blog!

2 thoughts on “Rave: Satin Primer by Illamasqua. Review and Photos”

  1. Hi,

    Can you please tell me does this primer effects the color of foundation? Cause I don’t want my foundation look lighter when I put this underneath. Thank you for your review.

    1. Hi, Ilay
      It doesn’t change the colour for me. But I’d suggest you trying it only (!) if you have dry skin! Maybe normal skin, but skip it if your skin is combo or oily.

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