Requested: What’s Inside My Handbag

Since “What’s in my Handbag” was a very requested feature – I am finally doing one. I hope you will like it. I’d say that I always carry more of less the same things and it works perfectly for me.

I have somehow forgot to include my phone, as it was charging and also my keys. But those two are obvious, and nothing interesting anyway.

What's Inside my handbag Makeup4all

Here we go:

The handbag itself, I change them all the time. And this Mulberry one is one of my favourites.

Purse, I’ve had it for years now, and actually need new one soon. Maybe there is one you’d recommend?

A notebook and a pen. This beautiful leather notebook was a present from one of my best friends and I absolutely adore it. I love writing lists on paper, and that will probably never change. I also use only pens with black ink. ┬áThat may sound weird but it’s true, has been like this for years now. #BlackForever

I could never be without my headphones. When I am on a public transport – I could never ever listen to all those conversations ­čśë

Water. I am never without my water. I actually want a nice water bottle to carry around but it has to be light, as I have enough of other things I carry around already. I still haven’t found the one I’d like.

Kindle. I have a pretty old version as I’ve had it for several years now but it works just fine. I have over 100 books and am always reading something new. Usually classics or books on theology, philosophy or culture if it’s non-fiction.

Beauty-wise I can’t be without a lip balm or a hand cream, I try not to have 5398 products with me, and currently I am using Clarins┬á┬áInstant Light Lip Balm Perfector in 01 Pink, mini L’Occinate hand cream and a sample of perfume (right now it’s Jo Loves) which I change all the time. I also usually have a glass nail file in my makeup bag. The mirror I carry around is Illamasqua’s Generation Q, as it is the lightest one I have.

Speaking of a makeup bag, it’s the purple one from Elemis (bottom left) and inside I carry gum, mint sweets (I always have mint sweets with me), kleenex, wet wipes and ┬ásome other “essentials”, as you ┬ánever know.

I hope you liked it.

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