Revlon False Lashes Review and Photos

Recently I’ve been wearing false lashes quite a lot and here are some of my favourite.

And I am talking about Revlon lashes. There are so many reasons to love them:

Affordable price

  • I got Flirty lashes for £4.99 and Short Natural for £3.99.  The glue from Flirty lashes set is enough for several pairs of lashes although it looks like a small tube.

The quality is great

  • You can see that lashes are much bigger than your natural lashes but you can’t really tell that they are fake. Just be sure to curl them once applied and apply mascara on top. You may also need to feel in any gaps with  eye liner or  pencil.

Flirty lashes are already used.  I am sorry, I should have taken the photo before that.

Natural effect.

I love dramatic false lashes and have different pairs but you won’t wear dramatic lashes everywhere. So these give you an amazing effect without being too mcuh!

Stay on for the whole day

  • These lashes stay on for the whole day and it’s not a problem to remove them in the evening.

Easy to apply

  • The size is great and I usually don’t have to cut them.

As you can see, I am happy with these Revlon lashes and plan to get even more in the future.

Revlon is one of the best affordable brands out there and I like all their products that I’ve tried. And do you have a favourite product from Revlon? You may also want to check their latest collection Suede Rhapsody.

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