Richesse de Diacolor Conditioning Colour by L’Oreal Professionnel: My Impression

Hair was never the “best part of myself”  because it is thin and has no shine. I was always jealous when I saw girls with healthy shiny hair.  I knew that they did something with it! 🙂

I always visit L’Oreal Professionnel Salon because I like it a lot and I find most products amazing. All the girls that work there have the most amazing hair and it looks like from the promo photo of a hair product. You know what I am talking about : healthy and shiny hair, pure perfection! So several weeks ago I asked them what’s the secret.

And their secret is Richesse de Diacolor Conditioning Colour.

What is it?

“It is an ammonia-free colour service that enhances natural colour with radiant and brilliant tones. Tone on tone colour is ideal for first time colour covering first signs of white hair refreshing faded lengths and ends after a forme or smoothing service toning highlights and colour correction. Star quality: a versatile multi service colour with no visible regrowth and superb condition and shine.” Service available only in salon.

You can add a colour if you want (I’ve picked a tone lighter than my natural hair) and the result is AMAZING! Honestly, my hair naver looked like this.Not only it looks great it feels like silk, too. Now a get a lot of  compliments and I am very happy  with the way my hair looks like.

I can’t tell you about the price because in different salons you will get a different price.

You can read more about it here

I hope this photo gives you the idea about  the thing that i am talking about (it looks much better in real life). Unfortunately I could not find a normal photo of my hair before (and it is also hard to call this photo perfect).

And what do you think? What hair products do you use? Are you happy with the way your hair looks like?

15 thoughts on “Richesse de Diacolor Conditioning Colour by L’Oreal Professionnel: My Impression”

  1. I have very bad experience with this new color. i spent almost 2500/-.after one week my grey hair was visible. Very bad experience.

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