Richrocks Collection by Shiseido for Holiday 2009

shiseido holiday 2009

This Holiday 2009 Makeup Collection Richrocks was designed by Dick Page from rocks found in the Four Corners of the US, where Utah, Arizona, Nex Mexico and Colorado meet.  Collection includes:

Luminizing Satin Eye Color

  1. SV 817 Pyrite Crystal, rich luminous silver
  2. BR 618 Pyrite Sun, intense reddish-coper
  3. BL 616 Blue Stone, deep inky blue

Perfect Mascara

  • GR 703, Intense Teal

Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

  • GR 503 Goldar Green

Perfect Rouge

  • PK 421, Rose Quartz, Radiant opalescent pink

Transluscent Loose Powder

  • Septarian, delicate pale gold

You can check out more information and photos @ the official Shiseido website. Create 2 looks using this collection. Check out the details here

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