Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude Review and Swatches

When Rimmel launched their Kohls Kajals, I knew that I had to get the nude one. I have got it, along with the Kate Moss matte lipstick in 107 back in Autumn, but never mentioned it before. Well, I guess, it is better late, than never…

Here is how it looks like and I actually like the design.

It is soft and creamy and glides easily without dragging the skin.  I also like how this particular shade looks like with my skin tone, it gives a brightening effect,  without looking harsh, as white liner, exactly what I was hoping for.

But the main question is… does it last on the waterline?

On me personally, it doesn’t stay that long. But after all, I have never tried a pencil that did. So I don’t see the point of getting a high-end nude pencil for it to disappear after a while, as well.

And since Rimmel ScandalEyes  kajal is only  £3.99  you can’t really go wrong.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t stay as long, as I’d like it to on my waterline, I like this product for what it is.

I would assume that it does last nicely when used on the lash line and since there are six more shades, it may be a nice budget friendly liner to get. In fact, I may have to take a look on other shades and see, especially the blue one.

By the way, if you want you pencil to last longer on a waterline  – apply a second layer when the first  or apply  (powder) eye shadow on top to set it. The second tip works for me but I am not the biggest fan of the feeling as I have very sensitive eyes.

And did  try a long-lasting nude eye liner? If you did, please share. I actually wonder why brands don’t make a gel nude eye liner. Maybe there is one but I just don’t know about it.

PS. Rimmel just brought out 10 Kate Moss nail polish shades and I already want some of them!

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