Rimmel Vinyl Gloss. Review and Swatches


First of all I would like to tell you that this  is post # 300!!! And soon I will have a small giveaway for you! Don’t miss it:)

What is written about these glosses on the website:

Mirror shine lipgloss. The lightweight non-sticky, perfectly pampering formula glides onto your lips for a perfect mirror-finish pout. Ultimate glossy glamour.

What do I think:

I have to say that for drugstore glosses these are really good! I have 5 Glosses from Rimmel and I like them all! Here you can check out swatches of 2 other glosses. Everything what is written is true. You should definitely try out these glosses if you want to save some money. I got 3 glosses for about $20 and they look great on my lips, moisturize them and are pefrect for their price!

Here are swatches of 3 glosses.

  1. Demure 111 – pale pink
  2. Punk Princess 197 – with golden sparkles
  3. ? ,light coral – I am so sorry but I don’t remember the name of this gloss and it is already gone from the bottle


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