Riva by Chanel. Is It a New Nail Polish Sensation?

Do you remember this look from Chanel Cruise collection? Today French Vogue posted about this pretty pastel blue shade.

Is it a new must have nail polish from Chanel? Are you ready for the details?

So this new pastel blue nail polish¬† is called Riva and was created by Peter Philips who was inspired by the 70’s.¬† It will be available from 15th of November and will be a LE.

So do you like? I think it’s a great colour for Spring, not sure if I’d like such nail shade in November.

8 thoughts on “Riva by Chanel. Is It a New Nail Polish Sensation?”

  1. Hmmmm, love the colour, although I’m sure I’ve still got one from their Spring/Summer collection that’s very similiar?? And I totally agree, lovely for warmer months, not so sure how it will look under our dull winter skies?

  2. Love it! <3
    I love Chanel nail polishes and I have all the "it" colours except from Jade :(. This one is gorgeous! At first I thought it wasn't for the winter, but after thinking about it, it would go greati with cold, snowy weather… Do you know will it be available only on Chanel boutiques and web page or is it a part of new collection?

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