Rouge Bunny Rouge Blushes:Powder, Cream and Liquid

Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of my favourite brands and blusher is  among my favourite makeup products. So I thought why not doing a feature about the brand’s blushers, especially considering that I have all three types they offer: powder, cream and liquid.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blushes Powder, Cream and Liquid

 Original Skin Blush For Love of Roses in Florita

This is probably my favourite powder blusher, both in terms of colour and formula. It instantly freshens up the face, blends nicely and looks natural. I also adore the flower pattern! For a detailed review click here.

Blush Wand Cheeks in Bloom in Rubens

This one has a very light texture, takes seconds to apply and looks like your natural blush. It is not as long lasting on me, as the cream or powder versions but it lasts for hours anyway. Want to know more?

Decadent Duos Joys and Desires in Rumba Cubana

It is a brilliant cheek and lip duo. Unlike the previous two products, it is warm toned. The formula is non-greasy or oily, it has a pretty glowing finish  and stays on for the whole day.  Swatches and review.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blushes Powder, Cream and LiquidFlorita, Rumba Cubana, Rubens

By the way, if you want to find out about my personal top 5 Rouge Bunny Rouge products – you can take a look here.

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  1. Hmm, I’ve just got the blush wand in Manet, though I’ve yet to test it properly in terms of longevity etc. I loved that it goes on smoothly though!
    Great idea for a post! 😉


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