Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick Hues Of Enchantment in Raw Silence Review and Lip Swatches

Since we are talking about lipstick today, I thought I’d show you one that I have been enjoying recently, I’ve actually had it for months just did not get a chance to talk about it yet.

It’s Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick Hues Of Enchantment in Raw Silence which was used for the brand’s Autumn Santa Ana look.

It is  not the only lipstick from the line that I have, I’ve already shown you Scrumptiously Devious shade.

As for Raw Silence, I think this is the coolest Rouge Bunny Rouge name ever, and a great choice for a red shade. It is an opaque  (colour burst is a very appropriate name in this case) creamy and non-drying lipstick. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t enhance the dry patches, unless your lips are in a really bad condition. I do find this lipstick to be nourishing, as it is promised.

I would say that it is a classic red, not too bright but not too dark. It gives a satin glossy finish and is a statement shade, so make sure that you have a perfect base and do spend some time on the application!

The brand describes it as a cool toned red, so should look great on a lot of people.  Although I personally like my reds to be “cooler” with a hint of pink.

It makes me think that I should probably do an updated red lipstick post what do you say?

Here is how it looks like on the skin and on the lips. One photo is better than thousand words, that’s how they say at least, no?

The price is £22/€24.


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