Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duos Joys and Desires in Rumba Cubana Review and Swatches

I love multipurpose products especially with the beautiful design! And today I would like to tell you about one of them – Bunny Rouge Decadent Duos Joys and Desire. It is a liquid blush and a lip gloss 2-in-1. Mine  is in Rumba Cubana and I’d describe the colour as  a rosewood.

So you get a liquid blush  with a small brush on one side and a lip gloss  with an applicator on the other side.

I love liquid blushes and this one is amazing, it blends easily and is not patchy, it looks like your own blush. It is said that it’s an oil-in-water emulsion with rose-water to provide a cooling and toning effect for your skin.

As for the lip gloss, it has a nice moisturizing texture which is not sticky at all. It contains a soothing blend of Lotus Flower Extract and  Mango Butter. Moreover, it’s also an anti oxidant and anti ageing formula because of  Green Tea, and Gingko Biloba.

You should get this product if you:

  • love multipurpose products
  • are a fan of liquid blushes with a great quality
  • want to save some space in your makeup bag/collection
  • are traveling and need to take minimum products
  • want to save on buying an individual gloss and blush
  • love the fairytale that is called Rouge Bunny Rouge

Blush applied and blended (above) and a lip gloss

You can get yours at zuneta for £28. There are 4 variations and I would like to try Samba Enredo now.

2 thoughts on “Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duos Joys and Desires in Rumba Cubana Review and Swatches”

  1. I have to say I have been curious to try these products but you rave about them so much that now it’s on, I hear christmas haul coming yay!

    1. Hi, Wendy! Yes, they have a lot of great products. I know that everyone loves RBR eye shadows but I never tried them myself (yet). And this product is a nice thing to get. Have a great shopping!

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