Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo, Review, Photos, Swatches

I’ve been meaning to write the review of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo for a month or two, but I think that now, with their new A Cappella look released, it’s a perfect timing.

I LOVE multi-tasking products and this is a perfect example. This is a pencil with two ends – Highlighter and Brightener.

The Highlighter is a pearly milky white and the Brightener is a soft matte pink. It is suggested that you use the pearly shade under the eye brows and in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. And as for the Brightener – in the inner rim of your eye to make your eyes look more open and yourself look more beautiful as the result.

I really like the texture of both sides as they are soft enough to glide on the skin. I think it’s a perfect product for travelling as  it is so compact  and you can blend it with your fingers (so no additional brushes). Actually I use it with the fingers all the time.

The highlighter is a beautiful colour that gives a natural highlight to your eyes and face. RBR have gorgeous highlighters, but if you can also use this one  instead of your regular highlighter if you wish.

As for the brightener, you should use it carefully, unless you want it be all over your lashes as well. Because of the colour, it’s not as harsh as the white liner. But some people may find it a bit unusual anyway, in that case don’t use a very thick line. It was a bit unusual for me too, but I’ve learned how to pair it with other products to get the most flattering effect out of it.

As you can see, this is a truly multi-tasking product as I’ve said in the beginning. Not only you can use it as the brand suggests, but you can use it in so many diffident ways. On it’s own, mixing it with other products and pairing it with them. As I am writing this, I’ve actually got the idea to try mixing it with a dark lipstick.

I personally really enjoy this liner  and if you are one of those who think that it will look too harsh on your waterline – just think of a different way to use it; the possibilities are pretty endless.

However, there is one thing that I  don’t like. But this is not about the products itself, it’s about the packaging. When I take this pencil with me,  very often I find that  the caps are off. This way the “pink side” have already broken twice and stained my makeup bag and other products inside.

But besides this problem, I absolutely love this Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo and I really enjoy using it both on myself and others.

The price is £22 at zuneta.

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