Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Elixir Review. Is It The Best Lip Balm Ever?

My lips are very dry and in winter they are usually in horrible condition as I sometimes forget to put the lip balm on and even if I do, sometimes it is not effective enough.

It was my Birthday on the 6th of March and I really wanted to wear a dark matte lipstick which is a disaster when  your lips are not in perfect condition, as you can imagine.

This is why I was excited to try  Kiss Elixir lip balm by Rouge Bunny Rouge.

To tell the truth I wasn’t expecting any miracles. But I was more than happy to see one! My dry, chapped and sometimes even bleeding lips became smooth, soft and, well, perfect. I could not believe my eyes. I could apply the dark matte lipstick and it look great, can you imagine?

How does it work?

It contains Jojoba, Macadamia and Avocado Oils as well as Vitamin E which are great treatments for the lips. This balm has a thick and rich formula which smells of honey and feels very minty and refreshing on the lips. I find that it stays on the lips for a long time and leaves them very moisturised and hydrated. Some of you may find it a bit sticky but I love such texture, just great for my taste.

Interesting fact: this balm doesn’t contain water and as RBR say “doesn’t dehydrate your lips”.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has a lot of great products but this is probably my favourite and it is the best lip balm I’ve tried so far!

This balm is kind of pricey (£18) but in my opinion it’s a great investment. You can get yours at

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