Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadows Silk Aether Review and Swatches

I  already made a post about the new rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadows Silk Aether here and about the look where they were used here.

I have a shade which is called Brocade Skipper which is described as a  satin wash of blush champagne cream; buildable to darker, more opaque and metallic hue of the same colour.

First of all I want to show you the gorgeous package which I like very much.

These eye shadows come with an applicator which I find useful for this shade and I often blend it with my finger afterwards but I would suggest using a brush for the darker shades.

Silk Aether eye shadows have a lovely texture and they stay on very well, without fading as far as I can tell because this shade is very close to my skin tone.

Why would like to get this particular shade?

You are gonna love it if:

  • You just need to even out the skin tone (on your lids obviously)
  • You like a very natural barely there makeup
  • You need a good base for your eye shadows
  • You like using a light shade all over the lid with the accent just in the outer corner
  • You need a long lasting neutral eye shadow you can  pair with a liquid (or any other) liner
  • You are looking for a shade suitable for mature ladies who won’t wear a lot of colour

Here is how it looks like when you generously apply it and you can see that it is slightly shimmery  but not really noticeable when blended, so if you want it to be more opaque and shimmery – apply several layers. But I  personally like it blended out.

There are 4 other shades: khaki, grey, taupe and dark chocolate.

You can buy Rouge Bunny Rouge from Beauty Bay.

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