Rouge Bunny Rouge Naked Disguise Glide Concealer Review and Swatches

Since today we are talking about foundations I’d love to tell you about the latest product from Rouge Bunny Rouge – Naked Disguise Glide Concealer.

You can read all the details about it and get yours at zuneta for £22.50.

This is how it looks like and the design is beautiful as always!

There are 3 shades available:

  1. Clio
  2. Eunice
  3. Thalia

Mine is in Eunice and it is described as semi-opaque medium peach beige.

Here is the photo of the product which is in the form of crayon so it makes the application easy. This  crayon is travel friendly and you can take it with you everywhere and touch up the makeup if you need it.

This is how the concealer itself looks like. As said it the description  it gives a semi-opaque coverage and I find that it’s a great product for under eye circles and shadows around the nose.  You just apply some product and gently blend it with you finger.

It’s perfect for small imperfections but if you have some serious problems I’d suggest a concealer with more coverage. Although you can try to cover it with this concealer, RBR recommends “it’s always better to apply one layer at a time and build up gentle coverage”.

As you can see I’ve been using mine for quite a long time before reviewing it.

Here is the swatch:

This may look too orange on my hand but if to put it on the dark circles under the eyes it  looks perfect. It also looks great once blended into the skin on my face.

Get this concealer if you:

  • love beautiful design
  • love good quality
  • love exclusive products that are hard to get (this may sound strange but I know a lot of people  who love it)
  • need a semi-opaque coverage
  • don’t want to get a concealer brush
  • want a products that’s easy to use

There is also a bonus

“Naked Disguise protects and supports the regeneration process of your skin with Castor Seed Oil, and has emollient and moisturising properties thanks to Carnauba Palm Wax, Candelilla and Beeswax.”

I think this is a nice concealer it’s worth trying it!  But if you want  a luminescence concealer with a brush RBR also has Luminous Skin Wand Fine Spun Light which you can also get at zuneta. As for myself – I’d really love to try their tinted moisturizer Sketches on Water.

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