Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation Skin Sanctuary Review and Swatches of All Shades

I really wanted to try the newest Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation Skin Sanctuary on a more mature skin, as well as on myself  but, unfortunately,  did not get a chance to do so yet.

But since I have promised a review to several people quite a long time ago, I thought I’d share anyway…

I’d say that this foundation gives a medium coverage and evens out the skin tone pretty well, without feeling heavy. I have tried several  application methods and liked really working it into the skin with Sigma’s brushes the best. That way it really blends in and gives a natural looking effect, so that people don’t really see that you are wearing a foundation.

As for the finish, it is not dewy but not matte. It doesn’t make my skin glow, like some light reflective foundations, but at the same time doesn’t make the skin look flat and dull. It is probably the effect that most women desire for their every day look.

It is promised to work for all skin types and it does work for my very dry skin tone but I have to prep the skin properly. However, if you have normal skin – it should work really well for you! I’d assume the same for the girls with oily skin.

Skin Sanctuary (love this name a lot) should  diminish the natural signs of aging that appear with mature skin and help to prevent and protect younger complexions.

Key Ingredients:

  •  Detoxyl, a natural complex derived from Shea Butter,  protects, detoxifies and calms, offering skin sanctuary from ravaging free radicals and urban pollutants.
  •  Ceramide III & IV – works to erase fine lines, deeply moisturises and monitors the skin’s dehydration process, rejuvenates the skin.
  • Extracts of Karitè Butter Seed  – nourishes and softens.

This time there are four shades available with one being suitable for deeper skin tone:

  • BARLEY CREAM, Medium honeyed beige
  • LINEN CREAM, Pale milky beige
  • QUINOA CREAM, Pale pinkish beige
  • WHEAT CREAM, Medium tawny beige

The price is €48.50 for 30 ml/ 1.01 fl oz

Although my personal love is Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water, this is a great foundation and will suit a lot of women.


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  1. Sounds like a great foundation! But I wish it were available in more shades, so most people would be able to find a good match.

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