Rouge Bunny Rouge Unassailable Loveliness

I am happy to tell you about the new Rouge Bunny Rouge collection which is called  Unassailable Loveliness. This collection includes 4 products:

  • aromatic, rich Make-up Melt Cleanser;
  • Mattifying Primer for a velvet, matte, suede glow;
  • Brightening Liner Duo to wake-up your eyes;
  • and Naiad blossom-inspired Glide Concealer.

Don’t you just like this promo photo with the fresh “no makeup” look?

This is how the products look like:

1. I actually already reviewed this new Glide Concealer (£22.50) and you can read my review with swatches here.

2. Brightening Liner Duo with its sheer pearlescent, milky white, highlighting and soft and luxurious rose hues shades sounds like a great products to make you look fresh and rested in several minutes.

But I am actually really interested in other 2 products which are

3. Mattifying Primer (£44)which is described as

“miraculously gives your skin a velvet matte suede glow; it removes the unwanted shine completely and evens out your skin tone. Pores are tightened without the shocking sensation of a stiffening mask. ”

I don’t need such primer for myself because my skin is really fry but if it really does everything what is written I’d love to get it for to use on others.

4. And finally the most interesting product – Make-up Melt Cleanser(£47). It sounds like a divine product which “melts like butter with the warmth of your skin; add warm water to swiftly transform the butter into a heavenly milky sap that dissolves even waterproof make-up without a trace, while nourishing and pampering your face. Complete relaxation and enjoyment with a stunning cleansing and polishing result.”

And what is the best about it? It can be used for true pampering lymphatic drainage massage! You can read all the details about it at RBR website. Now this is something that I would like to try!

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