SACHAJUAN Volume Shampoo Review

I wanted to try  SACHAJUAN products for a long time already, so picked up their Volume shampoo last month.

I am probably biased but I love everything Swedish & had hight hopes for it. And this shampoo did not let me down.

I love the clean and modern design of the bottle, the smell and the formula of this shampoo. It leathers nicely and leaves my hair & scalp clean and fresh without stripping it or building up.

It does give my hair some volume which is achieved with the help of the “Ocean Silk Technology” which, according to the brand, rebuilds the hair firbre and promotes shine, stability and volume. I also agree that it adds some shine, too. While trying out this shampoo I did not use any masks or hair oils to see the results it can give itself and was impressed.

My hair looks great for two days, but that’s the results I get with all the shampoos.

I’ve got the Volume Shampoo for about €10 for 100ml, which is not cheap. But I am very happy with the  results, so I don’t mind at all.

Here is the list of the ingredients, hope you will be able to see it.

I am definitely going to buy more products from the brand in the future.

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