SAG Awards: Nicole Kidman’s Makeup Looks Flawless Again

Although  I am not a Nicole Kidman fan I have to admit that most of the time she looks amazing. But lately her makeup was horrible. I am sure that you’ve seen some photos yourself since they were all around the Internet and it’s hard to count how many times I’ve seen those.  I LOVE looking at celebrities makeup, hair and outfit.  Even yesterday I was up till 4  am looking at different looks of my fav models :crazy woman:

But back to Nikole Kidman.  Have you all seen how fabulous she looked at  Screen Actors Guild Awards this Saturday (23rd January)? Everything is perfect again. You can even compare her with the last photo from Golden Globes were she obviously had some problems with the blush. And I personally didn’t like the makeup and dress.

And also check out her dress

So what do you think? I really like everything about her but most of all I like the hair! By the way, the dress is by Oscar De La Renta and jewels from Fred Leighton.

Some of my readers wanted more posts about celebrities and their makeup so I will try to make more posts like this and I also hope to hear your thoughts.

photos are from justjared

2 thoughts on “SAG Awards: Nicole Kidman’s Makeup Looks Flawless Again”

  1. Yes, and better than the white powder. Dunno, maybe she just smiles this way. I’ve noticed that you have lots of E.L.F. reviews. I want to try it ,too. What’s the best thing to get? x

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