Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Review

I am painting my nails at least twice per week.  I find that nice manicure not only never fails to improve my mood but also somehow increases my productivity. How can you not be productive with red nail polish on?

But there is one product that I often neglected in the past –  base coats.  A good base coat should make your nail polish last longer, protect the nails from staining, make them smoother, which would make the nail polish application easier, and maybe even strengthen them.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Review

However, I wasn’t pleased with any base coats I have tried in the past, they took forever to dry which made the whole process longer, and  besides that, didn’t do much.

I have read that Sally Hansen make good base coats, so have decided to get one of those before splurging on a high-end brand. I did not want to buy an expensive product, and then just throw it away, if I hated it.

Luckily, this Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top is love.

It does pretty much everything I want a base coat to do. Dries quickly, makes the nails smoother and the nail polish last longer.  It is also 2-in-1 but I like those quick drying top coats – so  will stick to those.

Now, tell me, what base coat should I invest in?

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