Sedona Lace Smoky Eyes Eyeliner Gel Review and Swatches

I did a  feature about Sedona Lace’s brush belt, which is absolutely amazing, some time ago. I have actually bought one of their gel liners ($5.95) back then and would like to tell you about it, as well. I guess it’s better late than never.

I’ve chosen their Eyeliner Gel called Smoky Eyes which turned out to be a pretty grey shade. And I think it’s a perfect one, not too dark but not too light or blue, the colour payoff is excellent, too,  as the liner is nicely pigmented. I really like how it looks like with my brown eyes.

It goes on smoothly and stays on pretty well, doesn’t smudge of fade during the whole work day.

There are a lot of shades to choose from and I would probably get more of them.

You know that I love my high-end makeup but since I don’t use gel liners that often before they dry out buying an expensive one almost makes no sense. Or maybe I should get a luxury one and dedicate myself to using it?

This one actually got a little dry already, as well. And not only this one (also my Inglot and MAC ones), so I better get myself Inglot’s Duraline which is supposed to be a problem solver.

And do you use gel eye liners on a regular basis? What do you do with them when they start drying out?


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