Sephora FF 2009 Sale. Get 20 % Off

Now I am trying to keep myself as busy as it is possible. I am getting some new things for my home, working on different projects and am trying to make great posts for you! Plus I promised a giveaway. It will be very soon I just need to make some photos of the products.

Please let me know which brands you would like me to get for the future Giveaways!


One of the things that makes me a bit happier is that soon I am going to get A LOT OF makeup. I  guess a lot of you know but for those who missed it – Sephora is going to have 20 % SALE!!!

This information is from livejournal and here is what is written:

Shop Sephora online for 20% off.

Enter promo code ff2009 at checkout.

From October 19 –  November 2

I will tell you all the details later. But it’s time to make a list, don’t you think? Mine is almost done! 😉

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