Series Of The Month: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Today I want to tell you about the series that rocked my world recently.  Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”.

Anthony Bourdain Parts UnknownIt is basically a show about travelling and food but it’s not that simple.  Anthony visits the places which are not very touristy, and talks with the locals, often chefs, about very interesting topics, from the countries culture to some political and economical issues; their stories are often fascinating.


While travelling and meeting amazing and, often inspiring people, Anthony also shows us local food. Which is  so good, that it hurts to look at. Never, and I mean never, watch this show when you are hungry.  Although, there are no recipes, I am often inspired to read about those dishes afterwards and cook them myself. Or at least try to cook…

I adore everything about the show: from the honesty of the people that are interviewed and Bourdain’s sense of humour  to the wonderful music and the amazing attention to the details.

Personally,  I wouldn’t recommend watching more than one episode at once,  so that you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the country and think about it later. It is also a great idea to watch it with a friend because  you can discuss everything later.

Here is a preview of what to expect – CNN website.

I am very grateful that my friend told me about Parts Unknown, and I would highly recommend it to all of you!

It is actually not the first Bourdain’s TV show, and I am sure that most people already watched, and loved the previous ones. But since I am new to it all (must be living under the rock), I am very excited to watch them over the next several months!


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