Sharing The Love: My Favourite Websites and Blogs

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared some of my favourite websites and blogs with you so I think it’s a perfect time  now!

You can always check out the links that I have on the right but there are some more that I love and I hope you’re gonna love them, too.

I could start this post by sharing how much I adore Lisa Eldridge and BBB but you all already know that, so today I am going to tell you about other people.

So the first person I am going to tell you about is Gina Brooke. She is a Celebrity Make-Up Artist, was a Creative Director for shu uemura in the past and now is a Creative Director for Hourglass Cosmetics . She has been with Madonna on several World Tours and created a lot of looks for the  red carpet events. And did I mention that she is gorgeous and stylish?!

You can check out her website here and read her guest posts for Bella Sugar here. There are also some videos of her on YouTube but I really wish there were more. I promise that you will find out more about her soon but I just can’t say anything else  yet 😉

There is also Michelle, who is a beauty editor, and who also writes a blog. Unfortunately I don’t remember how I’ve discovered it. But I’ve subscribed straight away!

Michelle is definitely one of my favourite beauty editors, as she is friendly and down to earth on one hand and knows a lot (and I mean it)  about beauty on the other. Her posts are always so informative and she covers so many topics that everyone can find something.

I personally really enjoy her posts on skin- and mostly on hair-care as I am definitely not an expert.  I also really love Michelle’s videos about her favourite products of the week. But my favourite post are probably those where she talks about the events from the latest beauty/fashion/Hollywood events. I am not a fan of celebrities but I LOVE looking at the close ups of the makeup, hair and manicure. And Michelle’s comments are always brilliant! Seriously, go follow this girl, she knows what she is talking about.

And the last one, if you are still not convinced, Michelle also has interviews and tips from the top beauty industry insiders which is always an inspiration!

The last one for today is  Antonia from Swedish Love Affair which is a lifestyle blog written by a Slavic girl who lives in Sweden.  I am also subscribed and although I found the blog after it was already live for several months, I read all the previous posts. Yes, it’s really that good!

Antonia has great photos (unlike me, unfortunately), she also writes small but interesting comments to them. The girl covers a lot of topics: from outfit of the days and books she loves to photos of her dog and family.

My favourite posts are definitely about Swedish traditions and those where she shares about books, films and food she loves. I am actually shocked how much we have in common, if only she knew. And, yes, she has a good taste in music, not as extreme as mine though, but I still like it.

I think that’s it for today and I will write about some other websites/blogs that I love some other day if you all are interested.

So please let me know if you like those that I’ve mentioned and maybe you can share some of those that you really love.


5 thoughts on “Sharing The Love: My Favourite Websites and Blogs”

  1. The only one I knew already was Swedish Love Affair and I adore it! Antonia’s photographic skills make me green with envy and her taste in everything is fabulous. Makes me want to move to Sweden x

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