Sharing The Love: My Favourite Websites and Blogs. Part 2

I really love finding out what websites/blogs other people genuinely love so I though I would share my favourites, too.

You can see the first part here. And just like in the first part I will mention a Make-Up Artist, a beauty blog and a lifestyle blog that I love.

Make-Up Artist  that I really like is  Daniel Sandler and I am sure that regular readers won’t be surprised. Daniel is a top MUA who is in the industry for almost 25 years, he has worked with a lot of  celebrities and  the most famous glossy magazines. There is also a Daniel Sandler beauty brand.

Besides being a real Pro, Daniel is also a very lovely and friendly person and it is always a pleasure  to chat with him on Twitter. Make sure that you follow him as he always tweets amazing tips. Also make sure that you check out the videos on his website, I  couldn’t stop until I’ve watched all of them, very inspiring.

Liberty London Girl

I simply adore LLG. You can definitely see that Sasha is a talented writer as her writing style is amazing. LLG started as a blog for Sasha’s friends and family when she moved from London to NYC. Although there are a lot of fashion posts this is mostly a lifestyle blog.

I personally really love video reviews of the hotels, recipes, posts about food, book reviews and posts places to go and things to do. I like everything basically. I am sure that pretty much everyone can   find something to enjoy at LLG.  You can also find some professional tips from Sasha and I love  the idea that if you are determined and hard- working you can get pretty much anywhere you want.

Cafe Makeup

It’s hard to believe that I’ve never written about Cafe Makeup before, I was actually shocked to find it out. I’ve discovered this blog a long time ago and immediately subscribed. Since that time I’ve developed friendly relationships with Amy which I am happy about.

Cafe Makeup is a perfect blog to visit of you are a fan of Paris, everything French and elegant. Also if you are a fan of luxurious makeup, especially you can find a lot of posts about Chanel.

Amy and her beautiful daughter Liz always post amazing swatches and helpful reviews. I am sure you’d love their work.


I’ve tried to keep this post short but to mention the main things. I hope you’ve liked it and I hope you’ll visit the websites/blogs I’ve mentioned.

You are also welcome to share your favourite websites.

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