Shavata Brow Strengthener

Eye brows are the new black in the last several years, beauty wise. We all are obsessed with gels, powders and pencils that will make them look fuller and will keep them in shape.

Shavata Brow Strengthening Organic Castor Oil ReviewA lot of us are guilty of over-plucking our eye brows back in the 90’s, luckily mine grew back. But some people weren’t that lucky. This is where all kinds of eye brows serums come handy. But if you are scared of using those serums or can’t afford them, natural oils can help.

Castor oil is a well know remedy when it comes to eye lashes, hair and eye brows, obviously.

This is why Shavata’s Brow Strengthener can be your eye brows BBF, as it stimulates the growth of the hairs. Of course, you can whichever castor oil you want but this one is great because it comes in a mess-free tube with a metal ball applicator which is nice for a massage, too. I  love that you don’t get the product all over your face and apply just the right amount.

I personally use this as a part of my night time routine but if you want those editorial glossy looking brows  – go ahead and use it during the day time.It is not an office look but can look cool with a perfect base and a dark/red lip.

Now, I haven’t been using Brow Strengthener long enough to notice any difference but I remember one of my girlfriends singing praises to castor oil so I am looking forward to the results. I also apply some on my lashes, hoping to see some improvement there, too.

The price of the product is £15  for 8ml. Shavata is available from Feel Unique.

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