Shiseido Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

I re-discoverd my love for Shiseido! When you have a lot of makeup sometimes it’s easy to forget what you once loved.

But this month I’ve discovered some Shiseido products that I love and I got 2 eye pencils recently. Shiseido is an amazing brand with a talanted Creative Director Dick Page.

Here are some photos and information about their fall 2010 collection that I am eagerly looking forward to!

Collection includes

Automatic Fine Eyeliner: 2 shades

Lash Conditioning Primer

Perfect Mascara Defining Volume:  waterproof mascara in 2 shades

Perfect Rouge in:

  1. PK331 Devine
  2. RD732 Blush
  3. BE333 Caramel
  4. RD734 Roseate
  5. BR735 Tawny

Natural Finish Cream Concealer

Pore Smoothing Corrector

Softening Makeup Primer SPF 20

Luminising Satin Eye Color Trio in:

  1. GY901(blue tones)
  2. OR302 (black/orange)

  3. GD804(khaki/yellow/blue)
  4. PK403(pink)
  5. GR305(green)
  6. BR307(pink/green/yellow)
  7. YE406(earth tones)

Each shade was inspired by Dick’s travellings and represents nature. There are 3 shades: light, middle tone and darker tone. And I personally can’t wait to try these. They are shown on the photo in the same order GY901(blue tones), OR302 (black/orange) etc

Collection will be available in August.

second image from

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