Shiseido Spring 2010 Makeup Collection and New Lipsticks

Shiseido-Makeup -Collection-for- Spring-2010

I really love this image of the new Spring 2010 collection by Shiseido. Al thought the photo is really small you can see all the products of the collection and they are:

Luminizing Satin Face Color

  • 6 shades

Luminizing Satin Eye Color

  • 5 shades

Matifying Powder Foundation (compact)

  • I am not sure how many shades yet. You can see one shade on the photo

Luminizing Lipgloss

  • 8 shades

I am sure you all know about the  famous Perfect Rouge lipsticks by Shiseido created by Dick Page (Artistic Director). I have great news for everyone who loves lipsticks of this brand. Dick Page created  2 new lipstick  formulas and 8 new shades! They are Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte & Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer.

Perfect Rouge Tender & Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipsticks Shiseido

(Source of photo and information about lipsticks)

Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer (left)  is described as “more casual than lipstick – more natural than gloss”

  1. Pout
  2. Tender
  3. Natural Wine
  4. Natural Red

Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte is described as ” semi transparent colour with a subtle sheer look”

  1. Sugarbabe
  2. Natural Beige
  3. Wink
  4. Coral Glow.

Lipsticks will be available in February (Europe) and will be priced at €24  each.

I would really love to try several lipsticks and what about you?

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