Shower & Bath Products Of The Week

I really liked this post at Modesty Brown about Jane’s shower essentials, so I thought I’d show you what I have been using this week. I have tones of products for bath/shower as I love variety but I’ve narrowed them down to seven.

Can you guess what brands I have been loving lately? ūüėČ

1. Cowshed Cowlick Gentle Shampoo

This shampoo smells absolutely amazing (lemon & ylang ylang) and it does leave my hair clean and shiny, however it gets greasy faster than I would like. Maybe it suits people with dryer hair better?

2. Philip Kingsley Elastisizer

This is a cult product and I have finally decided to try it! I have used it only three times but so far, so good. Will let you know my thoughts about it later.

3. Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Bath and Body Oil

This is a great multi-porpoise product as it can be used as a bath oil and body oil. It does make the skin softer and smells great.  I have got it to treat myself and am happy with my purchase, as it is a truly luxurious product. Expect a post about it in the future!

4. Cowshed Knackered Cow Soap

Maybe not the most attractive photo as it is properly used, but I am in love with these Cowshed soap I have got some time ago. I actually plan to try all the others (there are three more) from the range. ¬†They don’t dry out my skin but leave it clean, would definitely recommend. Read my detailed review here.

5 Clarins Toning Body Polisher

One of the best body scrubs with a fantastic (strong) scent. More about it here.

6. Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Cream

This is one of my favouties, creamy, moisturizing and smells wonderful! This is an old tube, I have re-purchased it already!

7. Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate

This is a prefect product for relaxation which is not very heavily scented. More thoughts about it here.


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