Shower Oil: A Winter Must Have?

I have very dry skin so I have to give it extra love in winter.  Here are some tips from my dermatologist on how to take care of winter skin which really helped me.

Although it was a while ago, I am still using the Weleda soaps, after the calendula,  I had a rose one and am using the  lavender one now.

But what about the shower oils? We all know the cult favourite  L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil (review) and I also wrote about the Yves Rocher Oriental Shower Oil  (review) which I love.

However, there are so many new options on the market these days.  Here are just  two of them, which I’ve picked up a while ago.

Budget friendly Nivea and ArtDeco.  To be honest, while I did enjoy using them (I loved ArtDeco better because of the scent), I won’t repurchase any just because there are so many other products I would like to try, and for me to go back to a product – it has to be truly special, and be a real pleasure to use.

I’ve decided to check out what shower oils you can get these days, and chose four which stood out to me. Two are affordable, and two are more on a splurge side.

Here we go:

Lush Minamisoma Shower Oil, £5 Lush.

This sounds lovely, and I love that it is non-liquid so is travel friendly.

Eucerin pH5 Shower Oil 200ml, £9.99 from here.

Eucerin is a brilliant and non-expensive brands.  I also have a feeling that this is scent-free. Bioderma also have an oil for dry skin.

Le Labo Shower Oil, 250ml £20 from John Lewis

Infused with argan oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil with the notes of geranium. To be honest, I am surprised that it’s only £20, considering Le Labo prices.

Espa Fitness Shower Oil, £32 from John Lewis.

This is the one I would like to try myself. Being a huge Espa fan I love the sound of it. West Indian Bay and Clove Bud, Lavender and  Coconut Oil, sounds dreamy. 

If you want a luxury shower oil – keep an eye out for Diptyque and Jo malone, they often bring some good ones!

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